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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing and Delivery

We maintain the secure enviroment required for data safety by giving you secure forms and some of the most secure payment types online like paypal. We value highly our reputation so every customer is treated with the best possible customer service around.

We currently offer paypal, swedbank banklink and wire transfer.

Orders are shipped within 5-10 business days of purchase. You will be notified with an email from us after your package has been sent out. Your order is sent by airmail and delivery times vary from 1 to 30 days. Contact us for more details

Upon successful ordering process, you will be sent an email to the address you specified on the checkout page. Please use this unique identifier in future communication with us about your order.


Kin Leaves skins are made from best automotive grade 3M technologies, printed with the best large format UV resistant printers in the world specifically adjusted for this task.

We follow our manufacturing line very closely to maintain the high quality standards that make the Kin Leaves skins undoubtedly the best quality skins in the world. In fact, Kin Leaves skins are the thinnest skins you can buy (69 microns of thickness, competitors will supply you with skins of 150 microns and up)- this helps the skin to be as unobtrusive as possible. 

The skin is made from high durability materials, if you are taking care of your gadget, the skin will probably last longer that the device. You probably will want to refresh the looks a lot quicker, so the short answer is- they will last for longer than you would ever expect or ever need to.

Sadly the incredibly small thickness of the Kin Leaves skin does not allow the skin to be reused without deforming it.

  • before applying the skin remove any dust from the surface

  • carefully remove skin from the backing so the thin details do not strech.

  • start with the bottom pay attention to cutout

  • apply outwards pressure

  • dowload and set the wallpaper from the URL found on the skin



The link to your wallpaper can be found on the skin itself. We currently provide matching wallpapers to all printed skins except tablets that have a skin on on back side only and notebooks. If you threw out the skin after application and did not notice a wallpaper link, please contact us specifying your order number.



What other clients say

I ordered skin "Starry Night" for my boyfriend's HTC. It still makes me smile every time when I see it. Thank to KinLeaves. Anna Emsiņa
I have always bought the skins from you and they are great. Interesting designs and good quality. Francisco Dias
I bought a "pagun" for Samsung Galaxy s2. And I'm really happy! Thank you!!! It's not my last shopping at kin-leaves! Santa Voronova
I got my new skin "Vietnam" today. It looks even better in real life than in web-side. Laura Aspazija Abeltina
I ordered skin "starry Night" for my boyfriend's HTC. It still makes me smile every time when I see it. Thank to KinLeaves. Anna Emsiņa

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